So I Woke Up With This Crazy Idea!

        So I woke up this monring and finally felt inspired to do something with this blog. I’v had it since January but I just didn’t feel like the content I wanted to write about was something I wanted to share with the world. So I’m going in a new direction!
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Well hell I know theres tons of cooking blog but I figured, I will just do it for my enjoyment. And if people enjoy it then great if not then i have a recipe book online for my self. I mean i already cook everyday! I’m a stay at home father of two and love to try new thing in the kitchen.

But Lets go back to this morning, When I woke up and I remembered about two year ago I went vintage shopping with a friend visiting from California. And we were looking at books at the thrift store, when i came across an old church recipe book. You know, the ones where all the women of the church summit their best recipes and they get put into a book and sold to make money for the church.

Well i thought it was cute then, but I didn’t buy it. (I Should Have) And this morning I woke up and said what if I went thrift shopping and see if I could find some more of those books, and bring them to life!
Blog 2
I will take the old church books from the 1960’s, 70’s, 80’s, hell even the 90’s! That’s far enough away to be considered vintage. And recreate them! Take them from old books and bring them to modern times and post them online. So I got out of bed, got myself ready, and then got my youngest ready and we went shoping! And by luck I found two church cook books, and a Campbell Soup Cookbook from 1976.

Blog 1

So here we go! I will start with these 3 books and go back to add to my collection! I will post videos and photos of the recipe I made and tell you if it was any good or not!  I will learn new ways of cooking and new dishes to make.

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